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Executive Board Room Renovation

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Modify an inadequate meeting room into an aesthetically pleasing conference room for corporate level and board meetings. Some inherent problems with the room included poor lighting, outdated finishes and heating/cooling issues which caused discomfort to occupants. Due to frequent use, the room could not be closed for construction for an extended period of time.


As part of the design team, J.P. Salemi, Inc. worked with facility management and senior executives to discuss the desired look of the board room. After samples were submitted and the budget reviewed, J.P. Salemi, Inc. began renovation to the desired specifications. Renovations would include enhancing the existing octagonal shape of the meeting room table with improved lighting and updating wall and floor finishes. The room's air distribution would also require a complete renovation to eliminate drafts on occupants. To minimize disruption to the meeting schedule, J.P. Salemi, Inc. planned to complete project construction during a holiday week.


A new translucent light cloud system was installed in the center of the room and dimmable perimeter lighting added to increase ambiance and improve function of the meeting space. New wall covering and thick broadloom carpet enhanced wood tones of the table and cabinetry. The heating/cooling system was redesigned by adding air distribution in inconspicuous areas. The redesign eliminated drafts in the room, increasing occupant comfort. The new executive board room resulted in rave reviews from senior management and their guests.