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Central Pharmacy Renovation

Project challenges

To completely renovate a 4,000 sq ft central pharmacy while it remained in operation 24 hours a day. In addition, intense coordination was required with staff and facilities to coordinate construction with equipment delivery schedules.


The project was originally planned as 3 phases. However, after meeting with the staff it was evident the plan needed to be modified. With input from hospital staff and facilities a new 13 phase plan and schedule were developed. Construction and hospital staff worked together to relocate product and install proper construction containment barricades. A temporary holding area was designated in the adjoining space to house excess products. Construction was modified in the field to satisfy IDPH requirements and existing field conditions.


Through the project was lengthy and complicated, the Pharmacy Staff complimented us on their new department which included a clean room for an intravenous robot and a larger pneumatic tube station which helped increase productivity.

The project was completed and reviewed by IDPH and the close out package was delivered in a timely manner.