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Health Care

Hospital – Hospitality

Patient Visitor Lounge

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Transform administrative offices into a combination visitors lounge/reading area. Due to the proximity of construction to a major patient transfer corridor, stringent adherence to infection control measures was imperative.


An airtight construction barricade was set up and a negative air environment was maintained with the help of HEPA filtration machines. All debris and construction material were transported in covered carts and passed through an ante room before entering the hospital environment. In addition, new hospital standards were being determined and design elements were modified throughout project.


The new lounge has been a success in fulfilling two goals. One portion of the area is a "Comfort Zone" that is utilized as a reading room or, by changing the light source, a room in which one can reflect. Another part of the lounge serves as the "Hospitality Zone" complete with functioning kitchen for serving refreshments while visitors are waiting.